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My Collection!!!
updated 5/7/13

New Pony Room!

I started getting My Little Ponies when I very young, and as my love for them grew, so did my collection!! I have 800+ (estimate without a head count) in my collection today!! My collection ranges from the oddest item to the most common pony, so you can image the space it contains!!

The start of my heard consisted of a few of the known early ones; Applejack, Bow Tie, Moondancer, Twilight, & Sundance/Megan.

Over my younger years I acquired at least one, if not more, of most of the US pony types released near me!! I was fortunate to have parents that supported my love for ponies! So, I got many of the late 80s mail order ponies.

Some of which are Rapunzel, Pretty Mane Ponies, TAF Babies, Pearly Babies, Party Babies, Baby Sisters, Mom & Baby set, and Sweet Scoops with charm to name a few. I am still on the search for Magenta (very pink) Satin 'n Lace.

My collection now includes; small charms with a clip that came in happy meals, and Plush Mommy & Baby sets!

Some very nice and elegant porcelain My Little Ponies are present as well!! There are two different types. Single ponies were made, and scenes on bases were made!

Some of my other US ponies include Princess Ponies, Sea Adults w/shells, Baby Sundance/Molly, and So Soft Megan & Sundance (a mail order exclusive)!

My collection consists on more than just ponies! I have neat places designed for ponies to play in, and many odd items with pony logos!!

Below are two Dream Castles, of the two the pink walled one is the original! The lavender walled one was released later, and was actually my first one! Next are two harder to find places "Home Sweet Home" & "Megan's Place!" Lastly is a very large and extravagant place called "Paradise Estate" and it is huge!!

Here are few of my interesting items not commonly scene in the pony world! First is a really neat gumball machine featuring Mom & Baby Firefly. Next is a really cool, portable record player featuring Unicorn Sparkler! Lastly is an unusual Cotton Candy Halloween costume. I have since acquired a couple more of these!!

A few of my Petite Pony Places!

Over the past four years or so, I have discovered that My Little Ponies were made all over the world. And now my collection has grown by leaps and bounds!

Collection Tour Continued....

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