Need List

**Ponylove's Need List**
updated 12/09/2020

* equals most wanted

*Wanted Badly US Adventure Cards*
They came in specially marked pony packages, & go with the Adventures In Ponyland Game!
Here are pics of some of them, they are a little bigger than a business card!

The last 2 I need are; Dancing Butterflies and Tropical Breeze.

*US G1s*

Li'l Litters Nursery Families - Wanted Very Badly!**

Any MOC/Unopened still in the packaging except Sudsy Angoras and Slumbertime Siamese!

Sweet Dream Poodles - ****Pink sitting puppy (shown above, no white on chest or around eye)

Perky Persians - ***lavender or yellow teddy bear, ***Stack toy Aqua/pinky purple/lemon yellow/peach/white

Scrub-A-Dub Spaniels
- white bar soap with heart on it.

*G3 Ponies*

G1 Plushie Clip Ons Blossom

US Accessories & Items
*Means wanted more than the others.

Home Sweet Home: Box, Blanket

Megan's Place: Both Boxes (with & without Megan), blue curry brush

Neon Yellow Rockin' Beat Guitar guitar brush

Pretty Ponies - Brown Beautiful Baby version MIB/access.

PromQueen Sweet Sundrop’s: dress, earring, & perfume

Sea Baby Floats: Sea Sparkle Salty (yellow/red lobster)

*****Soft Sleepy Newborn’s: Blue Pacifier, ribbons, pink and blue brushes.

Sweet Steps Ballerina's Tutus: Posey Rose Pink

Teeny Pony Twins Bootsie & Tootsie's blue bottle

Baby Lion Suit: Orange lion/kitty pocket pal

Accessory Set: Pink winter hat/white fur trim

Princess Pony Items:
Wands: Light Aqua
Glitter Picks:
Light Aqua, Light Blue, Blueish Purple
Ribbons(gold edges): Dark Pink, Light Purple, Teal Green, & Light Aqua/blue.

Merchandise, Hair Accessories, Pins, Pendants, Clothing, etc.
Sheet Sets - I have Firefly and ponies in clouds w/2 pillow cases
Cake making set w/ cookie cutters
Puzzle Picture Blocks
Large Wall Decals
Tea Sets Mint In Package

Butterick Patterns: Have Moondancer, Star Shine, & Firefly

*G1 Cards/Boxes*

Looking for ones that have a visiable date and information them, boxes can be collapsed.
Any from Brazil, Europe/UK (have rainbows, Pony Wear), France (have rainbows), Germany, Italy (have powder), Peru, Spain

Adult Seas - runs one & two
Big Brothers - year two
Collector Pony (ie blue belle, minty)
First Babies (ie: glory, firefly)

Flutter ponies - runs one & two
Newborn Twins - sets one and two
Regular Sea Pony Baby
Summer Wing
Windy Wing

Pony Porcelains

Individuals: Baby Blossom, Magesty, Sparkler
Enchanted Kingdom
- Sparkler, Moondancer, & Glory playing in front of Dream Castle
Pony Pals - Lickety-Split and Cherries Jubilee sitting together


Inernational Pony Needs

*UK Accessories*

Bed and Crib Set: twins' diapers, bottle holder
Waterfall: All Accessories - have playset and pony
Kitchen: Oven knob (left one) & Yellow Snowball
Kisscurl's Parlor: White saddle/bridle & reins, green blanket.
Tutti Fruitti: 2 blindfolds

*UK/Europe Ponies*

Loving Families: Daddy Berrytown (wht), & Daddy Sunbright
Sea Pony Clam Shells:
Purple, & Pink
Jewelry Babies: Sapphire, Diamond, All Jewelry Pieces
Sea Side Baby Floats;
Pink (splash), Green (Splosh)

*MISC. Countries*

Alternate Birthflowers (have Feb/Violet, May/Lily, Sep/Morning, Nov/Chrysan.): **Water Lily, **Holly both versions, Cosmos, Daisy, Carnation, Daisy, Daffodil

Made In Brazil Acces.:
**Butterscotch's Hat, **Minty's fringed saddle pad, bridle, hat, saddle, **Gusty’s purse w/letters
, **Parasol's veil, **Bubbles’ party hat, **Bowtie’s hat/racquet, Cotton Candy's fuzzy head band.
Ponies; Parasol & Gusty in collector pose, sitting Bowtie w/rainbow hair, NSS Twist, Love Melody, Sugarberry, Twist, Up Up & Away, Windwhistler.

Columbian (have orange Bowtie, Star Baby blue/red hair, yellow baby blossom):
Need all others

Made In France: **Moondancer, Cotton Candy variant, Moonstone, Windy, Bowtie variants.

Made In India: Need All

Mexico/Mexican Ponies: Starflower, Moondancer, Babies; Moondancer, and North Star. Lily Ledy: Blossom, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Snuzzle. Auk: Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, Snuzzle.

Made In Peru (Basa):
*Moonstone, & Yellow Tootsie.

Made In Spain: Piggy Ponies (Have; Peachy, Blossom, Minty, Snuzzle, Cotton Candy, Rayito). Ponies; Flutterbye, Moonstone, Pinwheel, White Peachy, Sugarberry, & Sweettooth.

Non So Soft: Truely Raring & Cup Cake.

South Africa: Need All except Sea Shell


***Bride's Accessories or MIB

Gusty - white, gold oak leaves

Heart Throb all versions - hot pink walking, hearts w/wings, and pink hearts Pegasus.
Surprise - All versions
Christmas Pony - 2 candy canes

Unicorns - Sparkler (have blue/green hair), Pinwheel - all, Moondancer (pink hair or rainbow hair), Glory w/red hair.

Arco Iris - Buttons(yellow/green unicorn)

Collector Pose - yellow Peachy, Cherries Jubilee all 3, Posey, Shady, Confetti, Pinwheel, & Lickity-Split.

Brillitos - Buttons
Fiesta - Up Up & Away, Love Melody
Discos - have Swinger MIB

*Greek Ponies*
(dream on I know!)

Babies; (have Icy Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Firefly peach, and Peachy) All Colors; **Cuddles (most want white/cream), Minty, Medley, Bowtie.

(have Blue Belle w/blue hair and w/icy hair, Blossom, Bowtie, Butterscoth, Cotton Candy, Minty, Lemon Drop): Eggs, Lady Bug, Birthday Pony, all others.

*German Ponies*

Nestacken Babies: **Dark pink towel, bright lemon yellow duck comb, soft yellow ABC Comb, and 2 of the ribbons shown.
Rainbow Ponies: Night Light & Raindrop

*Italy (made in)*

All Rare Alternates: Majesty/Unicorno painted stars both poses, Blue Posey, Blue Lickity, etc.

Rare Collector Ponies: Magenta Blossom, Orange Blue Belle, Brown Butterscoth, Butterscotch w/lt. orange body/yellow hair,
yellow body Minty with green hair or red hair, White Lemon drop, Brown Peachy (white hair), & White Snuzzle.

Unicorns: Moondancer - yellow body, Glory

Rainbows: Starshine, Tickle upgrade, Confetti upgrade.


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