About Me

A Little About ME!!!

I thought I would share a little about my self!! I am 33 years old born here in Lexington, KY where I still reside today. I have a defree in accouting and recently started my own online toystore VNCToys.com. I collect generation 1 (1982-92) My Little Ponies, Monopoly games and items, fantasy figurines, and misc. other things.

I have collected ponies since I was 5 years old and love them dearly. my favorite pony is UK Pony Gypsy if i have to pick just one cause she is so unique and brightly colored. My favorite US pony is Twinkle Eye Fizzy. I am known as Gyspy on the mlparena.com and mlptradingpost.net, two reall great places to met other collectors and to buy and sell safely.

I have written and published 3 books on ponies and currently have over 800 in my collection. I have all the American ponies, and the rest are United Kingdom and Nirvana Ponies. A Nirvana is a pony that was not mass produced for distribution and was usually made in the country it was released in like Argentina, Italy, etc. These hard to find beauties are now my obsession, as they are very unique. Some are easier to find while others are very rare and pricey.

Well, I guess that is enough about me!!


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