Pony Room Tour

First we start out on the left wall which is a light green. Here you can see a large amount of my beloved pony merchandise, my Mummy Charms, and my mint in package (MIP) UK ponies!

Next as we wrap around to the right we have a lovely light blue wall with MIP US and Greek Ponies and my acrylic cases with the UK/Euros on the top & US in bottom case.

To the right on the same wall we have lots of MIP Argentina ponies, Nirvanas in top case, and more US in bottom case.

The next is a lovely yellow wall with all sorts of goodies! First we have MIP L'il Litters and nice shots of loose ones!

Then my US babies, more cool things, and a whole bunch of MIP US Ponies!

Next, yes there is more!! Next is the pink wall with the closet of play sets and book case of US Ponies and my MIP Spain Baby Bowtie (drool rags in the gift shop)!!

Last, are my Petite Pony homes (more packed away!) and a glass cabinet with Dream Beauties, Sea Ponies, Soft Sleepy Newborns,
Secret Surprise Beauties, My Pretty Ponies, & Moondancer Clock.

If you made it this far I hope you enjoyed the tour!! And to really boggle your mind, I still have unpacked boxes!

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